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If you are interested in taking part in one of our courses, please contact Matt Boysons on 07799630027.

The courses take place in Stanmer Park just outside Brighton


Charges for 5 day course

  Individuals £400
  Pairs on the same Yurt £650
  Groups from 3-6 £875

Extra days if required, priced per day

  Individuals single £100
  Individuals more than 1 £65
  Pairs on the same Yurt £120
  Groups from 3-6 £140

Materials for wheel: £25 - £30 dependent on size.

Materials for door frame:
£25 upwards or you are welcome to provide your own.


The yurt making course

Making a Yurt of your own is incredibly straight forward, the skills are easily learned, the tools are relatively inexpensive and the finished Yurt can be almost as cheap or expensive as the quality of finish you are aiming for.
It is more of a repetitive process than a complex one (a 20’ Yurt has 46 roof poles and almost 100 trellis poles, each being made in almost exactly the same way) so every pole you work on is practice for the next one and by the end you’ll be pretty proficient with the tools you use.

If you want to take the finish to the same as the Yurts I sell and that my course is set up to teach, then you are going to have to commit a lot of time and energy to the project as it can easily take a few hundred hours to finish a large, beautiful Yurt for the first time. So think hard about what size Yurt you need and the finish you want or are prepared to live with in relation to the amount of time that you can realistically give the project. If you can give it the time to get a top end finish on it however, then the joy of use, the appreciation of those people you share it with and the pride and self-confidence gained from having made it yourself will be with you every time you put it up and personally, I think the effort is always more than worth it.
So it is a lot of work and the course is going to cost a minimum of £400 without extra days plus maybe £200 more to cover the cost of tools and materials but when you think that a frame would cost from £1600 upwards for a decent 12’ Yurt, were you to buy it, this is a substantial saving, plus you just won’t ever see another yurt that looks better than your own.

As I say my courses are very much about making a Yurt and not really just a bit of a fun weekend where you learn something new and move on to the next subject. As such I have come up with a programme that allows you to learn as you move through the building process, giving you a chance to do most of the work at home and learn the relative skills as you need them rather than downloading the knowledge all in one hit and then being left trying to remember what you have to do next weeks or months down the line.

The five course days start with a full weekend which is followed up with three more days spread over the following three to six months, with you doing the bulk of the work at home between dates. Below I have laid out what you will be doing on the course day by day plus a breakdown of all the different process that I will take you through. Even then because not everyone is starting with the same level of practical experience or confidence, nor will you all be making Yurts of the same size (a 24’ Yurt takes much more than twice the time it does to make than a 12’ Yurt) I have included a price for extra days that you can hire me and my workshop for if you feel you need a bit more help, guidance or use of the facilities along the way to finish your Yurt.
It’s been my experience over the seven years that I’ve been teaching Yurt making that for a lot of people the making of a Yurt is most enjoyable as a group project and so I have priced my courses accordingly for individuals, people working in pairs and for groups of three to six people (more than six people creates more problems than it solves). For individuals coming on the course there will not be more than two students per tutor to give you the needed amount of attention and a proper opportunity to learn what you need to get your Yurt built.

Find out more about the course structure

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